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Who we are!

Project Truth was born in 2010, from the humble beginnings of a judo program out of university classes. A small team had a dream of creating a name in the world of marital arts. Friends and family spent the next decade building the foundations of the respect, goals, and expertise of Project Truth. In 2023, we are a team of people committed to helping you gain the countless benefits that are within the world of recreational OR competitive martial arts. Our dream is to show you how the Project Truth Way can truly become a lifestyle for your family and help our community achieve well-being and greatness on individual and united levels.

We all have something to fight for, both in mind and body. We encourage a lifelong fight for your best self. It’s also vital that we provide our youth with the tools to fight for their own independence, success and well-being.

Truth matters to us as individuals and as a society. Being truthful sets us free as we go on our own individuals journeys to grow and mature. In society, the key to lasting and dependable social bonds is truth and transparency. The Truth is, when each one of us takes responsibility for our health and well-being the world becomes just a little bit better place.

Join our quest to embody and spread truth, being part of something bigger than yourself or any of us. Something as simple as going to your weekly jiu-jitsu class could change your life or lives around you.